First Friday Night Gaming Session Post!

This week we played a few different games on both Friday and Saturday. We typically play board games on Friday nights and then play RPGs on Saturday. However, right now, we are awaiting the release of Starfinder. So both Friday & Saturday nights have been board games.

Friday night we tried out a game I just received from Kickstarter this week, Swords & Sorcery. Which I foolishly forgot to take pictures of in my excitement to try out my new game. I will fix that next week when we play again.

Saturday night we tried out another new game I received this week, The Dresden Files: Cooperative Card Game.

The base game comes with 5 playable decks (The game is 1-5 players), Harry Dresden, Susan Rodriguez, Karrin Murphy, The Alphas and Michael Carpenter.  5 Decks to play against (They are the first 5 books from the Dresden Files books) and a 30 Side Job cards which can be used to generate random decks to play against.

The game is pretty easy and is all about your resources (Fate Points) management. On your turn, you may play one card from your hand to play against the board or to discard to generate more Fate Points for your team.

The goal of the game is to solve more Case Files than there are Foes by the end of the game. Both can be eliminated by playing cards from your hands or using your once per game stunt ability.

Our next game my buddy brought over called Joking Hazard. If you’ve ever played Cards Against Humanity, you should be pretty familiar with this game type. It’s a party game. One player takes turn being the judge and setting up two “Comic Panels” while the rest of the players fill in the third panel. Then the judge selects the winner.