Item – Silver Ice

Name: Silver Ice
What Is The Item Type: Drugs
Cost: Medium Price/5 Silver/15$$ (per hit)

Description: A reflective silver liquid. ​
Moderately addictive drug that leaves the user with a glazed over, silver reflective eyes. Must be injected and gives the user an extremely cold sensation as it travels through the blood.

Fort or Con Save: Medium (12)

If saved: The user is granted some type of special vision. i.e. Dark Vision, Thermal Vision, Astral Vision and receives a bonus to their perception senses.
If failed: The user is left in a comatose state for 1d3+1 hours. During the state, the user has wild hallucinations.​ Usually peaceful/enjoyment hallucinations, but on rare occasions will give the user terrible nightmare hallucinations. And since they are comatose state, they must suffer until coming off the drug.

Silver Ice is an item I created to be used in my Starfinder campaign. Feel free to use it and change it up to fit into your campaign. If you do decide to borrow Silver Ice, please let me know! You have my permission to use the item, I just want to know how it impacted your campaign.