Faction – Shadow Steppers

Before we get into this faction, I would like to acknowledge that I borrowed the name “Shadow Steppers” for my Thieve’s Guild from the Netflix Cartoon: Fangbone! I have altered it a bit to fit it into my Starfinder Campaign, but wanted to give credit where credit was do.

Name: Shadow Steppers
Organization: Thieves Guild
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
How To Join: Prove Yourself Worthy

Shadow Steppers are a highly organized guild, that spans several planets, if not systems. Claiming to be the first and largest thieves guilds known throughout the galaxy. And you know what, they might just be correct. That’s not saying they are as large as the religions or mega-corporations, but try to prove them wrong.

Like all organizations, members comes with its perks and costs, such as:

  • Members will be able to find safe haven among their own, no questions asked.  It’s common to tip the one harboring you. Those who refuse helping others will find great tragedies following them.
  • Given assignments. Typically scouting / Reconnaissance missions
  • Network of contacts spreading unknown reaches.
  • Special Black Market channels known only to members. In Game Terms: Bonus to roll or easier access to higher level gear

Joining the ranks of the Shadow Steppers is not easy. One must prove they are more than just a common, petty, thief. A true Shadow Stepper can steal anything and from anywhere without ever drawing attention or alerting others. So expect a few rigorous tests if you seek membership.

Unlike other thieves guilds this organization is ran by a council of twelve, does not require constant payment from its members, and most members of the council are retired thieves looking to enjoy their spoils. However they stay on to help guide the direction of the guild. One member of the twelve is the leader of the Shadow Steppers. Her voice carries the most weight when ties occur or when there is uncertainty.

How does one become the leader? Simple: be the best. Everything in the Shadow Steppers is about respect. Follow the code, steal the most, and be loyal to the guild. Prove yourself worthy of the title: Shadow Stepper.

The Code: Steal from others. Make the shadows your home. Never leave a trace.

The Shadow Steppers is an organization I created (Again, I borrowed the actual name, but fleshed the group out to work in my sci-fi setting) to be used in my Starfinder campaign. Feel free to use them and change them up to fit into your campaign. If you do decide to borrow the Shadow Steppers, please let me know! You have my permission to use the organization (unless you’re using it for a commercial use), I just want to know what the best Thieve’s Guild in the galaxy has gotten up to.