Planet – Drelmoth

Name: Drelmoth
Size in diameter: 4,284 miles or 6,894 km
Climate: Hot/Humid/Smog.
Livable: Only within enclosed domes or with special gear.

​Drelmoth is a small planet compared to the more popular, colonized, planets. Coming in at only 4,284 miles (​6,894 km) in diameters. Mostly covered in landmass and smog, high temperatures, and ashy-mud soil is the aftermath of decades of mining and smelting. You’re probably asking yourself why would anyone come here? Below of the surface, there are several hundred pockets of “general purpose minerals and metals” used in everyday goods and star ships. So for most companies that desire cheap materials; Drelmoth is a dream planet in providing those resources for their products that can be found throughout the system.

A major factory complex sits at the southern most part of the planet where the temperature is the coolest and tends not to fluctuate so severely. Nearby is a star port that allows for any spacecraft able to enter the atmosphere. For those large bulky star ships, there is a space station in orbit that feels more like a truck stop than a proper station. Only workers from the planet and those who maintain the station live on the station itself. Larger ships are granted access to dock with the station. The ships send down smaller cargo ships to pick up supplies from the factory complex; then return at the station to load their cargo.

Drelmoth is a planet I created to be used in my Starfinder campaign. Feel free to use it and change it up to fit into your campaign. If you do decide to borrow Drelmoth, please let me know! You have my permission to use the planet, I would just like to know what role did it serve in your game.