Game Night: July 22nd

Last night, our plans were to go see the new Sci-Fi movie: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Unfortunately for us, the show times were terrible options; so instead we decided to make it a game night and play games!

First up, we tried out a new game (although we’ve had it for almost 8 months now): A Study in Emerald. This game is set in a mashed-up world between Sherlock Holmes and H.P. Lovecraft.

Game Board

I totally struggled with this game. At the game’s core, it is a deck-building game. There are 9 city locations on the board. Each with several cards, including a card for that city and an Old One. (You can see the old ones sitting off the board below the cities)


During your turn, you have a lot of options based on the cards you have in your hand – depending on the icons on each individual card. You can play agents to the board, move already placed agents to another city, remove or add cubes, attempt to assassinate an Old One or another player, and collect the top card from a city where you own the most pieces. (This last one is how you build your deck)

Score Points

I’m not sure what it was for me, but I just struggled figuring out a good strategy. There is also this constant battle between each player’s secret identity of the Loyalist or Resistance. Based on what players do, another score tracker moves up and down (the green and purple trackers in the center). I ended the game in last, which wasn’t a big shock to me. Although the others really enjoyed the game. I would give it another shot now that I understand it a bit more.

This game offers a lot of options and strategy once you understand all the moving parts of the game. I was just slower to grasp those mechanics than my friends.

Second game for the night, Munchkin: Adventure Time

If you’ve ever played Munchkin (Any edition) than you are no stranger to this version. Or if you’re like Nate, he’s never played any Munchkin before and you should try to fix that as quickly as you can!

Character Card

Munchkin takes the concept of: being an adventurer, finding gear and treasure items, and busting down a door inside of a dungeon to fighting bad guys. Then stuffs it all into a card game. The goal of the game is easy, be the first player to reach level 10.

My setup

Your turn is simple:

  1. Kick in the door and fight any bad guys.
    1. If you find a bad guy, fight it, ask for help to fight it, or run away.
    2. If you win. Reap the rewards. If you lose and fail to run away, suffer the Bad Stuff printed on the monster.
  2. If no monsters were revealed, either play a monster from your hand to fight (Make sure you can kill it!) or just draw the top card from the monster deck and add it to your hand.

During combat, the other players may play cards to influence the battle. Buffing up the monsters, making it so other monsters join in the fight or playing curse cards on you.  It can get pretty crazy.

Table Setup

Our game went up and down. Both Lone and I had a tragedy early in the game that slowed us down. I died on the second turn which really hurt, but he lost his entire hand on the first turn. So it took him a while to build up some cards to do stuff. He managed to get some cards by his next turn, but then someone played a card and swapped hands with him, which left him with only one card. It was tragic.

In the end, Nate ended up winning his first game of Munchkin. No friendships were lost and we all have dreams for GenCon coming up in a month.

Bacon Pancakes!!