Wood Tokens

Quick little post. I recently picked up a CNC Machine and after familiarizing myself with the machine (I’m using that term extremely loosely). I’ve decided that one of my first projects will be some little tokens that I can use when I run our weekly RPG games.

Needless to say, this entire project has been a mess of trial and error.

But that’s alright, the only way to learn right? Always use scrap wood when trying out new wood projects. As you can see, the board was knocked loose and then the bit went all over the place. In addition to the mess above, I had issues during the 4 and 5 (You can see that as well in the first image). The 5, I had the wrong bit in and it cleared away the 5. The 4 I didn’t like the depth, so I stopped it and went back to try out a new depth.

Not all was failure though, I manage to salvage two usable tokens for now. Although I’m not a fan of how thick they look when sitting alone.

So yesterday I picked up some thinner wood (1/4″ vs your standard 1″) and after I finish working on a present for my father, I’ll try to make the tokens again. Hopefully by Saturday I’ll have some newer images up without any issues.