Starfinder – Episode Two

Episode Two – Searching For Answers

Welcome back to another session of our Starfinder game. This week, Session Two: Searching For Answers.

Unknown Moon where the party crashed.

We left off last week with our party in a bit of a mess. Excited to see how they managed to escape? With the way we left things off last week, this session was a bit tricky trying to find an easy and believable way to have our two other players join our group.

In addition to the new players to the party, our team ran into their first group of NPC allies. And I’ll be going over them a bit more later this week. Here is a quick rundown.

Sheela Bosé: A Half-Elf Envoy and Captain of her own starship: Nul Space.
Thest (They-st): Is a Shirren Technomancer and a very loyal second officer to Sheela.

After our party formally joined up and met one another, they were called upon by Sheela to aid her in searching for answers. What had happened to them? What has happened to others like them? Our team had to board an enemy vessel and fight their way to the computers in hopes to find some answers.

I’m still trying to find the right balance of combat and challenges for the party. It’s always a tough trick to master when learning a new game. After the savage beating I gave the party during the first session, I felt like they held their own better this time around. It also might have helped that they had an extra two players.

Strange symbol that Scamp found on a tablet.

So with our other two players able to make it this week, bringing our adventuring party up to five! Let’s have a breakdown of the group.

New people are Bolded!!

Paul: Cordin Drex – An Icon (Bounty Hunter) Vesk Soldier
Isaac: Reepichep – An Outlaw Operative Ysoki (Nicknamed Scamp)
Chris: Jaghor – A Spacefarer Vesk Mechanic
Spencer: A Spacefarer Lashunta Soldier
Nathan: A Mercenary Android Solarian
Aaron Winemiller: The Story Dude

Come back next week and find out what happens to our party and see what kind of adventure awaits them!

Warning: We use naughty words in our game sessions. Sometimes often, sometimes not.