Starfinder – Episode Three

Episode Three – Exploring The Underground City

Welcome back to another session of our Starfinder game. This week, Session Three: Exploring The Underground City

This week we our players had this first Starfinder session since fleeing the grips of the New Dawn. They are anxiously awaiting the repairs of their new spaceship and have just been trying to get back into normal day-to-day activities. So what is a normal day for them? Apparently removing stumps from a plot of land near The Remember’s base on Verces.

Our group grew one more player this week, adding an Ace Pilot, Android, Mechanic to the mix played by our friend Jeremy. After getting him in the group, Sheela asked the new recruits to go clear out of a plot of land nearby. In hopes of turning it into some residential housing for anymore  they rescue.

Cordin stumbled upon a rusted hatch, that led to an underground area, while clearing out some stumps. As the party explored the area, they ran into some falling objects, obstacles, and even ran into an unknown species.

I don’t want to ruin what how everything unfolded, so check out the new podcast.

New people are Bolded!!

Paul: Cordin Drex – An Icon (Bounty Hunter) Vesk Soldier
Isaac: Reepichep – An Outlaw Operative Ysoki (Nicknamed Scamp)
Chris: Jaghor – A Spacefarer Vesk Mechanic
SpencerA Spacefarer Lashunta Soldier
NathanA Mercenary Android Solarian
Jeremy: An Ace Pilot Android Mechanic
Aaron Winemiller: The Story Dude

Warning: We use naughty words in our game sessions. Sometimes often, sometimes not.

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