Starfinder – Episode Five

Episode Five – Following The Trail

Welcome back! Last week our crew managed to break into a corporate building under working as a shell company for the New Dawn. Their goal was to access the computers and see what kind of information they could discover about the organization.

Things got so hectic last session, that once the party managed to steal the data they were after (they hoped) and jumping out of a window from the 107th floor, I ended the session before we breached the five hour marker.

So this week we rejoin the players as they descended via parachutes from the building and frantically worked to make it back to their shuttle.

During their trip back to their base on Verces; Skamp & Trace investigated what they assumed was some kind of AI they downloaded while in the computer. Unbeknownst to them at the time, the AI had recently emerged into existence. From where though, they are unsure.

After returning to the base and delivering the data to Sheela & Thest, the party took a much needed rest in their new apartments. Sadly, the rest only lasted a few days before Sheela sent them out on another mission, wanting to strike while the party had momentum. This time, they were returning to Castrovel following up on the data Thest uncovered from their data cache.

Things did not go well for the party after landing on Castrovel, as they were stricken with bad rolls all night. You know what I say? Bad rolls can lead to fun events.

Warning: We use naughty words in our game sessions. Sometimes often, sometimes not.