Starfinder – Episode Four

Episode Four – Gathering Intel

During the last episode, our crew found themselves exploring an underground city long forgotten. The city was full of collapsing buildings, old security drones, and a race of Clam people. The party managed to make it out, but not without some new cuts and bruises from the falling debris. They also befriended the Clammers, escorting them back to their base where they agreed to live side-by-side.

This week we started off with The Remember organizing a meeting with the leaders and many of the better suited adventurers to discuss their next course of action. With a few different options, our group decided to follow-up on a lead and break into a building working under the umbrella of New Dawn in hopes of gaining information.

After some planning and preparation, the party headed off to Castrovel to see what they could discover. The action started off slow, but quickly escalated as the players triggered security. How did they fare? You’ll have to listen!

Warning: We use naughty words in our game sessions. Sometimes often, sometimes not.