Starfinder: Dead Suns – Episode One

Dead Suns Adventure Path: Episode One

Incident at Absalom Station

Every now and then, something magical happens and the planets and planetoids align for a special event. I actually get to play in a campaign setting. And this is the first episode of that very special event. So come join us as we begin the Starfinder: Dead Suns Adventure Path. 

Our party found ourselves in a shuttle heading to Absalom Station to meet our contact, a Dwarf by the name, Duravor Kreel. As soon as we stepped off the shuttle, we found ourselves in the middle of what appeared to be a gang shooting. #FirstFight #AbsalomStation

After defending ourselves (it’s weird, for once in a game, we were actually just defending ourselves as innocent bystanders), our party made our way to the Starfinder HQ where we officially joined the ranks of Starfinders. #FirstRoundOnWeiner #AbsalomStation

From there, our first job is to try to find out why the local gangs have made their way to this level of Absalom Station. Was our arrival just coincidence, or is there something else going on? Come check out the podcast to see how everything played out for us! #Entourage

Fun note:

I am playing a Human Envoy by the name Curtis Weiner who side jobs as an Icon Drug Dealer. My character is heavily influenced by Trevor Phillips from Grand Theft Auto V. When I was reading over Icon themes in Starfinder, I instantly had the inspiration of, “What if my dude was like a Social Media or “YouTube” star? I’ll have my guy take selfies, pictures and eventually I want to see if I can find a mobile camera that will hover and follow me during our exploits.”

So that’s what I’ve done so far and I’ve been keeping a log of my selfies I’ve taken in game.

Warning: We use naughty words in our game sessions. Sometimes often, sometimes not.