Starfinder – Episode Six

Episode Six – Escorting To Absolom Station

This was a milestone session for the party. After multiple sessions of gathering information and informants, it was time to take their findings to the Pact Council.

The start of the session, the crew found themselves dealing with Sheela once again at their base. She gave the crew a few days off while she spent some time with Dr. Lulo, the Ysoki Doctor from the previous session.

After a few days of rest, they were off again. With the hopes of laying low, their goal was escorting all of their informants to Absolom Station. This led them into one of their first real spaceship battles. And the first one I ran using created NPC starships. It was a learning experience for both sides, and I feel like things went pretty smooth.

This session was the final bit of the New Dawn story arc. Next session will probably be a delayed Halloween themed episode. I’m thinking Space Zombies? Then we’ll see what other kind of adventures the party can get into. So what happened to them? Did they make it with their informants? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Warning: We use naughty words in our game sessions. Sometimes often, sometimes not.


This isn’t the final version of their ship. I still need to add a few additions. But you’ll be able to see what they saw!