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Exiles – One Shot

Exiles – One Shot

We have a group of players that attempt to meet up once a month in an attempt to run a one shot adventure. This allows some of the players to try their hands at being the DM, other DM’s the chance to try out new things, or to introduce new systems to the players.

This month, our DM was Mitch who ran a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventure he created.

Our party started out in a village, and depending on your race you were considered either an outcast from the “Elite” Society or second class citizen. Our village was made up of these outcast and second class citizens just trying to keep living normal lives. We hunted, still had trade with other cities, and just did our best to survive.

We opened up with a trader coming to town exchanging some exotic goods for pelts that we had collected for them. After the exchange and gathering up other supplies, our party headed out to hunt, as we do on any other day.

When we came back, we found something terrible had happened to our village, and our job was to figure why this happened to our village.

Another thing we did for this game, everyone did a gender swap for our characters. So the ladies played guys and the guys played ladies.

Ember was played by Spencer
Archer was played by Candice
Monty was played by Shelby
River was played by Isaac
Ruby was played by myself, Aaron
DM was the fantastic Mitch

Warning: We use naughty words in our game sessions. Sometimes often, sometimes not.