Ghost from Destiny

I decided to make a Ghost from Destiny to be used as a token for my players. Before I begin a role-playing session, I like to ask one of my players to do a recap from the previous session. This allows me to go double check some of my notes and helps to get everyone remember if they forgot something. Plus it helps for when one of the players skips a session.

My prototype with spare wood. I later removed the circle around the ghost.

If the party feels the person recapping did a great enough job, I would hand them a token. This token would allow them one free re-roll at anytime during the night. It could even be used against a NPC or used on an ally if it’s an important roll.

So during the last few weeks I’ve been playing Destiny 2 and I had the inspirational idea to create an actual token for my players, using the design of the Ghost worked into it. For those who have never played Destiny, your Ghost is a little flying AI machine that is bonded to your character. If you ever die or get severely injured, your Ghost is the one to bring you back and heal you. It can also handle communication and just all around assist you during your journey.

Felt like a perfect companion for my players when their hour of need arises. So then they can redeem the token for a re-roll.

For this project I used a CNC Router and cut out a circle using poplar wood. Then, thanks to someone on Facebook, they inspired me with the idea of doing inlays. I’ve never done an inlay job before and felt like it would be a good time to try. Next I picked up a small plank of solid oak to cut out the inlay pieces.

Once everything was cut out, I sanded it really well and decided to stain the base token a dark walnut, while spray painting the Ghost’s shell a white. (It’s the default color of your very first Ghost in Destiny 1) Finally it was just a matter of gluing the pieces into the sockets and I added a little blue in the center.