Starfinder: Dead Suns – Episode Two

Dead Suns – Episode Two

Last week, during Episode One, our session ended a bit abruptly as it was getting late and people were getting tired. We left off with our party fighting our way through the Fusion Queen in our search for answers. Like why had there been a gang fight on Docking Bay 94 right when we arrived? Was our Dwarven friend killed in the crossfire, or was he perhaps the target of something?

During the start of Episode Two, we headed back to the Starfinder HQ to get patched up and brief Chissk on our findings. Our report seemed to not be of any real help, unfortunately and our group decided to roam around the station a bit more. Couple of us bought some upgrades, Zahak and myself both had some Dragon Glands installed in order to have a breath attack. (Why not, right?)

While we were out and about, Arzoth was approached by an envoy to the Eoxian Embassy and cordially invited to visit the Ambassador. For those of you that may not know, the Eox planet is made up of a population of Undead. With that cleared up, the Ambassador, an Undead creature, wanted to hire our crew to explore the Spaceship and Asteroid that has been the high topic on Absolom Station.

It also  just so happened that the rival gangs and even our contact, Duravor Kreel, had some connection to this asteroid. With nothing else to go on and this Undead creature offering to pay us. Who were we to decline such a generous offer?

Something I forgot to do last week, list off the players and their character names so anyone listening might have a point of reference.

Arzoth: Kasathas Mystic played by Lone
Merra: Android Operative played by Nate
Zahak: Vesk Mechanic played by Jeremy
Curtis Weiner: Human Envoy played by myself, Aaron
Our DM in charge of everything is Paul.

Warning: We use naughty words in our game sessions. Sometimes often, sometimes not.