Starfinder – Episode Seven

Episode Seven – Distress Signal

After a month break, my group finally got together for another session –  what can I say, everyone really wanted to go see Thor a few weeks ago. As life happens with our age, unfortunately we were missing two players this session: one whom sadly won’t be able to make future sessions do to a busy life.

So we say goodbye to Spencer, our Lashunta Spacefarer Soldier. With any luck, he might be able to make guest appearances in the future.

On top of that our lovable Ysoki Rat, Skamp, was out-of-town for a belated birthday present. So with that in mind, I planned a little filler episode to transition the party from our New Dawn story arc as they continue to explore the stars in hopes of getting back to their normal lives.

While the party was in the Drift, heading to pick up their missing crew, they picked up a distress signal of a nearby ship. After decoding the message the best they were able, the crew decided to go aid the vessel.

Upon arriving at the source of the signal, our crew found themselves in an nebulous-asteroid region of space. Spotting the ship, the crew navigated the dangerous space toward the ship.


Side note: I know I’m not an artist, but please enjoy this extremely poor sketch I drew of the ship with the SOS beacon. 

As bold space adventurers, the crew explored the ship. Cold, empty, and the power core kept flickering on and off were just some of the issues they faced.

Did they find anyone alive? Did they make it out alive? What caused the ship to be in danger? You’ll just have to check out this weeks episode to find out.

We will be back in two weeks again as things continue to unfold.

Warning: We use naughty words in our game sessions. Sometimes often, sometimes not.