Starfinder – Episode Eight

Episode Eight – The Everlasting Goodberry

Welcome back and get ready for our crew to head into a new story arc. This arc we will be delving into Reepichep’s past a bit and will see how the crew can help him solve this new problem coming after him.

As you recall from last week, we left with Cordin in a bit of a paralysis issue and he (nor Paul) was very happy about the problem. Thankfully the party had a vile of restoration and decided to head to a planet with some of the best doctors in the sector.

It was there on Castrovel that the players met up with their pal Reepichep and he brought along a friend to join the crew – Nicholas. After a bit of busy work on Castrovel, the party headed to Verces to meet up with the mysterious collector that wanted to hire them.

How did the meeting go? Did one of the players fight a talking primate named Mr. Gordo? Did a player ask for a robot arm? Maybe, maybe not. The only way to be sure is to check out the podcast.

New people are Bolded!!

Paul: Cordin Drex – An Icon (Bounty Hunter) Vesk Soldier
Isaac: Reepichep – An Outlaw Operative Ysoki (Nicknamed Scamp)
Chris: Jaghor – A Spacefarer Vesk Mechanic
Nathan: Udo – A Mercenary Android Solarian
Jeremy: Trace – An Ace Pilot Android Mechanic
Cody: Nicholas – A Spacefarer Human Technomancer 
Aaron Winemiller: The Story Dude

Warning: We use naughty words in our game sessions. Sometimes often, sometimes not.