Starfinder – Episode Nine

Episode Nine – Escaping The Toxic Planet

Welcome back everyone to another session of Starfinder with our wacky crew! You might remember from last session, our crew was captured by Skamp’s nemesis. What you might not be fully aware of, the crew was left stranded on a toxic/radiated moon.

During the last session, our party met up with Sir Leonard Von Kirk, a collector of rare and antiquated artifacts. During this meeting, Von Kirk explained he was after an elusive artifact known as the Everlasting Goodberry. Rumors are the item is on the far orbiting planet of Triaxus.

Our crew were able to track down and find a temple dedicated to a forgotten Elven Druid Goddess from an unknown age. As you might expect, the temple had some traps and puzzles meant to keep those deemed unworthy out.

It was on their way out that our crew was ambushed by Vash and his gang. And it is there where we start this week.

Another thing to note about this episode. I had originally planned on running to Episode Ten before we took our break and swapped over to Dungeon Crawl Classics. Due to how the events of this session played out, this was our last session of Starfinder. (Of my campaign, our Dead Suns campaign is still going strong.) For now at least.

So come back in two weeks and check out Dungeon Crawl Classics with us! It should be a blast.

Paul: Cordin Drex – An Icon (Bounty Hunter) Vesk Soldier
Isaac: Reepichep – An Outlaw Operative Ysoki (Nicknamed Scamp)
Chris: Jaghor – A Spacefarer Vesk Mechanic
Nathan: Udo – A Mercenary Android Solarian
Jeremy: Trace – An Ace Pilot Android Mechanic
Cody: Nicholas – A Spacefarer Human Technomancer
Aaron Winemiller: The Story Dude

Warning: We use naughty words in our game sessions. Sometimes often, sometimes not.