Starfinder: Dead Suns – Episode Two

During the start of Episode Two, we headed back to the Starfinder HQ to get patched up and brief Chissk on our findings. Our report seemed to not be of any real help, unfortunately and our group decided to roam around the station a bit more. Couple of us bought some upgrades, Zahak and myself both had some Dragon Glands installed in order to have a breath attack. (Why not, right?)

Starfinder: Dead Suns – Episode One

Our party found ourselves in a shuttle heading to Absalom Station to meet our contact, a Dwarf by the name, Duravor Kreel. As soon as we stepped off the shuttle, we found ourselves in the middle of what appeared to be a gang shooting. #FirstFight #AbsalomStation

After defending ourselves (it’s weird, for once in a game, we were actually just defending ourselves as innocent bystanders), our party made our way to the Starfinder HQ where we officially joined the ranks of Starfinders. #FirstRoundOnWeiner #AbsalomStation