Starfinder: Dead Suns – Episode Two

During the start of Episode Two, we headed back to the Starfinder HQ to get patched up and brief Chissk on our findings. Our report seemed to not be of any real help, unfortunately and our group decided to roam around the station a bit more. Couple of us bought some upgrades, Zahak and myself both had some Dragon Glands installed in order to have a breath attack. (Why not, right?)

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Exiles – One Shot

Our party started out in a village, and depending on your race you were considered either an outcast from the “Elite” Society or second class citizen. Our village was made up of these outcast and second class citizens just trying to keep living normal lives. We hunted, still had trade with other cities, and just did our best to survive.

Starfinder – Episode Six

This was a milestone session for the party. After multiple sessions of gathering information and informants, it was time to take their findings to the Pact Council.

The start of the session, the crew found themselves dealing with Sheela once again at their base. She gave the crew a few days off while she spent some time with Dr. Lulo, the Ysoki Doctor from the previous session.

Starfinder: Dead Suns – Episode One

Our party found ourselves in a shuttle heading to Absalom Station to meet our contact, a Dwarf by the name, Duravor Kreel. As soon as we stepped off the shuttle, we found ourselves in the middle of what appeared to be a gang shooting. #FirstFight #AbsalomStation

After defending ourselves (it’s weird, for once in a game, we were actually just defending ourselves as innocent bystanders), our party made our way to the Starfinder HQ where we officially joined the ranks of Starfinders. #FirstRoundOnWeiner #AbsalomStation

Starfinder – Episode Four

During the last episode, our crew found themselves exploring an underground city long forgotten. The city was full of collapsing buildings, old security drones, and a race of Clam people. The party managed to make it out, but not without some new cuts and bruises from the falling debris. They also befriended the Clammers, escorting them back to their base where they agreed to live side-by-side.

Starfinder – Episode Three

This week we our players had this first Starfinder session since fleeing the grips of the New Dawn. They are anxiously awaiting the repairs of their new spaceship and have just been trying to get back into normal day-to-day activities. So what is a normal day for them? Apparently removing stumps from a plot of land near The Remember’s base on Verces.

Starfinder – Episode Two

Welcome back to another session of our Starfinder game. This week, Session Two: Searching For Answers.

We left off last week with our party in a bit of a mess. Excited to see how they managed to escape? With the way we left things off last week, this session was a bit tricky trying to find an easy and believable way to have our two other players join our group.

Starfinder – Episode One

In our first game, our players find themselves waking up, in a mysterious room. Blinded, confused and unsure how they ended up in there. Able to easily get out of their rooms, they run into guards and each other in corridors that seem similar every way they go. Through some grit, luck and one bloody corridor; the players attempt to figure out what happened and find a way out of their current situation.